Trending News Today: Revised Healthcare Reform Plan Could Gain More Support from Conservative Legislators

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

The White House and certain GOP lawmakers recently revised a repeal and replace plan for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which they hope will gain more support than the previously proposed version. This plan will require support from a nearly all lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus. The lack of support from the conservative group was a contributing factor to the bill’s previous failure. While the conservative group has yet to make comments about the bill, their chairman helped author the changes and believes it will gain support from legislators, according to Politico.

Candida auris, a harmful form of yeast, has been spreading throughout US hospitals, mainly in New York and New Jersey, according to ABC News. The fungus can be hard to identify with traditional tests and has developed resistance to a majority of treatments. The fungus is known to take hold in newborns and the elderly, who are especially susceptible to infections, according to the article.

The shortage of home health aides and nursing assistants could leave numerous individuals with disabilities and older adults without the care they need. In several states, there have been reports of nursing home admission denials, in addition to patients soiling themselves and going without meals due to a shortage of caregivers, according to Kaiser Health News. This crisis was said to be a result of low wages and less workers being willing to take on the task.