Trending News Today: Racial Disparities Found in Healthcare Services

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Yesterday, the FDA requested that the manufacturer of Opana ER take the opioid off the market due to abuse risks. The drug has been heavily misused and has led to new cases of HIV, hepatitis C virus, and a blood disorder among individuals who crush and inject the drug, The New York Times reported. This is the first time the FDA has initiated the aggressive approach of asking a manufacturer to remove a drug. The FDA said that they will continue to take steps against drugs fueling the opioid epidemic, according to the article.

A new study revealed that minority patients are more likely to receive ineffective healthcare services compared with white patients. Minority patients were also likely to receive an abundance of clinically unnecessary services, including feeding tubes for patients with dementia, according to Kaiser Health News. These findings are the latest evidence that minorities are not as likely to receive effective services, which is typically due to problems accessing affordable healthcare, according to the article.

Yesterday, California revealed the state will invest $103 million in 23 government agencies to expand housing for patients receiving substance misuse treatment and provide social services for inmates with mental illness, according to the Los Angeles Times. The new funding is the result of Proposition 47, which downgraded certain drug- and theft-related crimes to prevent additional people from entering prison. These initiatives will likely further prevent individuals from entering prison and save the state more money, according to the LA Times.