Trending News Today: Pharmaceutical Manufacturers May Have Conspired to Inflate Drug Costs

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The high prices Americans are paying for generic drugs could potentially have been thought up by pharmaceutical companies during informal gatherings. Findings from an investigation into generic drug price-fixing schemes allege that pharmaceutical sales people developed these plans at golf courses, steakhouses, or at a “Girls Night Out” event, according to Kaiser Health News. The investigation, stemming from a complaint filed by 20 states, alleges that multiple companies have been conspiring to increase profits by inflating prices.

Despite a potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act by President-elect Donald Trump, more Americans have enrolled in health plans through the marketplaces than ever before. Thus far, more than 6.4 million individuals enrolled in plans by the deadline, which was an increase of 400,000 from 2015, according to The Washington Post. The significant turnout may suggest that individuals are not fearful of the potential repeal.

The federal government is now including hospital-acquired infections of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses when assessing penalties for patient injuries. The federal government has now issued pay cuts to 769 hospitals with high rates of patients experiencing avoidable complications, such as infections, blood clots, bed sores, and falls, according to Kaiser Health News. These hospitals will lose 1% of Medicare payments for 1 full year due to high rates of patient injuries.