Trending News Today: Overpayment for Prescription in High-Deductible Plans

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Some patients may pay be overpaying for prescription drugs when going through insurance. According to Kaiser Health News, pharmacists are reporting increased costs could be as much as $30 per prescription. Patients with high copays and high-deductible plans could pay less by paying cash for their prescriptions, according to the report.

The bill to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase health insurance through Affordable Care Act has been blocked by the Supreme Court. The bill would allow more than half a million undocumented immigrants in California to purchase health insurance, according to the Los Angeles Times. Approximately half of California’s total uninsured population will be undocumented immigrants in 2019.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently signed a law that will help the safe collection and disposal of unwanted and expired medications, according to The Washington Times. Pharmacies are now authorized to collect unused medications to avoid patients flushing the drugs down the toilet or throwing them away. There has been recent research that flushing medication can have effects on aquatic wildlife in lakes, streams, and rivers.

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