Trending News Today: Mylan to Launch Generic Version of EpiPen

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Mylan recently announced plans to introduce a generic version of the EpiPen in order to address recent criticism of the branded drug’s price. The new generic version will be priced at $300 per 2-pack, which is half the cost of the branded version. Although it is a significant discount from the current price, the generic price is still triple the cost of the EpiPen from 2007, when it was acquired by Mylan, according to The New York Times.

Polypharmacy may be another drug problem affecting patients in the United States, especially the elderly. A large number of elderly patients are taking multiple medications for chronic diseases, and increasing the risk of drug interactions and side effects, Kaiser Health News reported. Some medications can cause severe side effects that put patients in the hospital and drive up healthcare costs.

Many patients may be discouraged from receiving a diagnostic colonoscopy due to costs despite testing positive for a DNA screening test. Patients also may shy away from the test due to the “ick” factor and how long it takes to prepare for a colonoscopy, according to Kaiser Health News. For Medicare beneficiaries, these diagnostic tests involve paying for any deductible and coinsurance fees, but patient advocates believe that these tests should be fully covered.