Trending News Today: More Insurers Proposing Large Premium Hikes for 2017 Marketplace Plans

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A growing number of health insurers are proposing large premium increases for 2017 marketplace health plans, citing losses from the past few years. Insurers in states like New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are looking to increase rates by at least 20%, while insurers in states like Florida and Maryland are looking to increase rates by at least 10%, The Wall Street Journal reported. Vermont is the only state so far where the insurers’ requests are less than 10%.

The Department of Justice announced it will be joining the lawsuit against Prime Healthcare Services and its CEO, which was first brought in 2011, according to The Wall Street Journal. The lawsuit alleges that the company’s hospitals improperly admitted patients and submitted falsified claims for Medicare reimbursement. However, the company’s officials believe the company will be exonerated, according to the report.

A new prototype machine can produce 1000 pills in 24 hours, making it a faster method than producing batches in a factory. The process of making medications, specifically crystallization, can take months, but this device allows quick production, according to Kaiser Health News. Some drugmakers are concerned about how this machine may affect intellectual property rights and patient safety.