Trending News Today: Millions in Medicaid Payments Send to Deceased Enrollees

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An increasing number of in-office tests with new devices may be a large driver of Medicare spending growth. Prior to the introduction of devices that physicians could test in their own offices, they used to refer patients elsewhere to get tested for conditions, such as neurological disorders. Medicare’s bill for 4 new devices that allowed in-office testing grew from $123.5 million to $135 million from 2012 to 2014, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Experts allege that many Olympic athletes will partake in legal doping during the games. Legal doping involves taking a legal prescription drug that has the potential to improve performance, but has not been banned, according to NPR. Since the ban of meldonium, a drug that improves blood flow, traces of the drug has been found in tests from over 100 athletes.

Auditors have discovered that New York paid $2.3 million in Medicaid payments for over 1000 enrollees who were dead, the New York Daily News reported. The auditors discovered $12.1 million in inappropriate payments during a 6-month period. Officials are working to recover the money and $2.1 million has already been returned.