Trending News Today: Medicare Advantage Plans Overbilling Government by Billions

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Malpractice insurers and medical specialty groups have been sifting through closed malpractice lawsuits in order to identify common reasons doctors are sued in order to prevent further lawsuits and to ensure patient safety, according to The Wall Street Journal. This information is shared with doctors and hospitals who ideally would develop new protocols and prevention tactics. Though the frequency of claims has decreased, it is reported that payouts in these cases increase about 4% per year.

A recent Allergan PLC and Gedeon Richter PLC study of ulipristal acetate treatment for women with uterine fibroids has met all of its endpoints. The Wall Street Journal stated that the patients showed a significant absence of uterine bleeding. The final clinical trial could be completed this year and the company predicts top-line results in 2017.

According to a congressional audit, private Medicare Advantage plans have been overbilling the government by billions of dollars but have rarely been made repay the money. This private Medicare insures over 17 million seniors and is paid over $160 billion annually, but the Government Accountability Office (GAO) wishes to stop overbilling from these companies. The GAO has engaged in an audit process called Risk Adjustment Data Validation, NPR reported.