Trending News Today: Lawmakers Revise AHCA to Gain More GOP Support

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Yesterday, GOP leaders redrafted the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to gain more support from Republicans who oppose the bill. The revised law would provide $85 billion in tax credits for individuals aged 50 to 64, which was an attempt to win the votes of moderate Republicans, according to Reuters. However, conservatives have largely opposed tax credits, saying that represents another entitlement program.

Although the AHCA may include additional flexibility for seniors, the proposed cap on Medicaid funding may hurt this population. More than 2 million elderly Americans receiving long-term care through Medicaid could lose their coverage under the new health law. Without coverage, elderly adults may not be able to afford long-term care, since Medicare only provides this kind of coverage on a limited basis after hospitalization, California Healthline reported.

The House Freedom Caucus has decided not to vote as a bloc to oppose the AHCA, which may lead to the legislation’s approval this week, according to USA Today. Members of the conservative group have publicly opposed the bill because they felt it was too similar to the Affordable Care Act. Since the Freedom Caucus includes nearly 3 dozen legislators, voting as a bloc could have prevented the AHCA from moving forward; however, the group has decided not to take an official opinion.

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