Trending News Today: Lawmakers Closer to Compromise on Healthcare Reform

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Republican lawmakers have expressed a renewed interest in Medicaid expansion, even if they were previously opposed over concerns it would increase state deficits. New research indicates states that expanded their Medicaid saw higher health expenditures, but the costs were covered by federal funding. These results show that there are no unforeseen budget problems linked to Medicaid expansion, which could increase uptake among states that have yet to expand the program, according to Kaiser Health News.

Rep Dave Brat (R-VA), leader of the conservative Freedom Caucus, recently announced the Trump administration and lawmakers are close to a compromise on how to revise the American Health Care Act. Brat also predicted that the revamped law will pass in the House within the next 3 weeks, according to USA Today. However, if the bill does not pass or it gets pulled for further revision, the administration may face additional challenges moving forward.

The ban on trans fats in New York has led to a reduction in heart attacks and strokes in multiple counties, which could provide support for seeking a national ban, according to Fox News. A new study found that hospital admissions for the conditions dropped by 6% after the ban compared with counties that did not enact the ban. This translates to 100,000 less strokes and 43 fewer heart attacks, showing that the ban may have significant benefits, according to the article.

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