Trending News Today: Initial Efforts to Repeal ACA May Be Limited

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Although President Donald Trump’s executive order used broad language that urged federal officials to minimize economic strain, the order does not provide the officials with power to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to Kaiser Health News. Due to this, experts believe that efforts against the health law will be small. However, once Trump’s nominees start to work, it is likely that they will take some sort of action.

Despite intense criticism from Democratic lawmakers, Rep. Tom Price will likely be confirmed as the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services. Price was recently grilled about Trump’s executive order during a second round of Senate questioning, but he would not confirm that no Americans would be worse off, Kaiser Health News reported. Price is still backed by Republican Senators, although he owns stocks in companies that he has voted on legislation in favor of, which Democrats see as unethical.

Trump’s executive order that freezes the hiring of federal employees may adversely affect the short-staffed Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There are currently over a half-million veterans waiting more than 1 month to receive medical care who likely will have to wait even longer due to this order. The VA is also unable to hire for military or other positions that are necessary for public safety and national security, according to USA Today.

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