Trending News Today: Indiana Medicaid Work Requirement Approved

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The Trump administration approved Indiana’s application to implement a Medicaid work requirement, according to Kaiser Health News. A new provision in the state could block patients from enrolling for 3 months if they do not submit their paperwork in a timely matter, according to the report. Kaiser said that this provision could result in tens of thousands of patients losing Medicaid coverage.

New animal studies suggest that if cell phone radiation does cause cancer, the risk is small, The New York Times reported. The studies showed that male rats exposed to high levels of radiation developed heart tumors, but this link wasn’t observed in female rats or mice. The authors said that because the rodents were exposed to radiation at levels higher than what individuals who use their phones frequently are exposed to, these results cannot be applied to humans, according to the article.

New Jersey may be the first state to outlaw menthol cigarettes, according to The New York Times. The state Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee recently passed a measure that would add menthol and clove cigarettes to a list of prohibited flavored cigarettes. In 2009, the FDA prohibited the sale of flavored cigarettes due to its appeal to younger individuals. The bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Herb Conaway, MD, said the previous law should have included these products, according to the article.

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