Trending News Today: Increasing Costs from ACA Causing Job Cuts

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Transportation services such as Uber and Lyft could potentially give patients rides to hospitals and physician’s appointments if they do not have access to private transportation. Partnerships between these companies and hospitals have been increasing around the country, according to Kaiser Health News. Rides to these appointments could be covered by Medicaid and other insurers to reduce costs for patients.

A recent federal survey found that companies have been cutting jobs due to increasing healthcare costs from the Affordable Care Act. Approximately one-fifth of service sector and manufacturing companies are doing so to cut costs in New York State, Northern New Jersey and Connecticut, according to The Wall Street Journal. The increasing costs have caused labor pressures on margins nationwide.

Virtual reality headsets could potentially be used for fitness and could have medical applications, despite the technology being developed for gaming and entertainment. One technology turns your cardio exercise machine into a game controller, that can then be used to remove the monotony from the work out, according to The Washington Post. However, these technologies can cost thousands of dollars for all of the equipment.