Trending News Today: Improving Adherence in Complicated Prescription Drug Regimens

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Many elderly patients are leaving hospitals with more disabilities than when they were admitted. A new study shows that one-third of patients 75-years-old and up, and half of patients over 85-years-old, leave hospitals with more mental and physical disabilities, according to Kaiser Health News. Disabilities can result from inadequate nutrition, being bedridden, or not receiving proper pain management treatment.

Synching prescription refills could potentially increase adherence to treatment and improve patient outcomes. Remembering different refill schedules for patients who take various medications can be complicated, especially for elderly patients. By syncing prescriptions, patients could have an easier time remembering when their medications end, which can lead to improved adherence, according to Kaiser Health News.

A recent analysis found that over one-third of hospitals did not offer language assistance to their patients in 2013. Medical interpreters can help patients with a language barrier receive proper care and feel supported. In the areas with the greatest need to overcome language barriers, 25% of hospitals did not provide the services, according to Kaiser Health News.