Trending News Today: How AHCA May Lower Premium Prices

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President Donald Trump has expressed support for replacing subsidies with tax credits for individuals purchasing insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges, which was included as part of the American Health Care Act. A new analysis found that this plan might result in a flood of new enrollees due to lowered premiums, according to NPR. If subsidies are cut, insurers may raise costs for silver level plans, where assistance is available. The government would then need to offset the increases through higher financial assistance. Patients could receive increased federal funding to purchase cheaper bronze level plans for little to no money, according to the article.

Heroin is largely being cut with fentanyl and other potent opioids, which significantly increases the risk of overdose. At St Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction in New York City, staff members have been giving injection drug users a test to determine if their drugs have been tainted with fentanyl to prevent an overdose, NPR reported. Helping individuals understand what is in their drug can help them make more informed choices, such as using the drug more slowly or not using it at all, according to NPR.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price recently stated that medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorder is just substituting drugs, according to NPR. In response to the comment, nearly 700 scientists and healthcare professionals sent a letter to Price to educate him on the benefits of methadone and buprenorphine for patients with substance use disorders. These drugs have long been the standard treatment for patients with the condition and can prevent dangerous withdrawals.