Trending News Today: High-Risk Pregnancies Increase Heart Disease Risk

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Patients who experience high-risk pregnancies or complications during childbirth may be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Despite having a nearly 8 times greater risk of developing heart disease, many physicians and mothers are unaware of the link, according to Kaiser Health News. New research shows that gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, low birth weight, or premature birth may result in a higher risk of heart disease for mothers. An increased risk of heart attacks and strokes among these patients has resulted in greater outreach and collaboration between cardiologists and obstetricians, according to the article.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has planned to cancel 2 weeks of the August recess to pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act, according to Politico. However, McConnell would ideally like to pass the bill before the recess and said that there will be a vote held as soon as next week. While some Republicans are hopeful that the legislation will pass, Politico reported that Sen Ron Jonson (R-WI) stated it was a mistake to try and pass partisan legislation.

Under a new proposal, medical device manufacturers would have longer to report malfunctions to the FDA. Makers of cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, breast implants, and other medical devices would be required to swiftly report injuries and deaths, but they would gain more time to report device malfunctions that could lead to injury, according to The New York Times. The draft also would speed medical device approval.

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