Trending News Today: Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Valeant Pharmaceuticals

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A new study found that children from lower-income families are not as likely to receive vision screenings, even if they have health insurance. These vision screenings can potentially prevent damage from conditions such as lazy eye or cross-eyes, according to Kaiser Health News. These conditions can result in permanent vision loss if not corrected early.

T Rowe Price Group Inc recently filed a lawsuit against Valeant Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the company defrauded them and other investors. They claim that Valeant’s relationship with Philidor, a mail-order pharmacy, defrauded investors billions of dollars by using deceptive pricing and reimbursing and fictitious accounting, The Wall Street Journal reported. T Rowe Price is stating that Valeant’s relationship with the pharmacy exposed investors to huge risks that resulted in losses.

The US government recently launched a probe into whether healthcare providers are pushing Medicare and Medicaid eligible patients to sign up for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans. The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services warned dialysis centers that they will face fines if they are directing people to ACA plans, rather than Medicare or Medicaid, according to The Wall Street Journal. These activities would increase the practice profits, while disregarding the consequences it could have for the patients.