Trending News Today: FDA Smooths Process for Physicians to Receive Experimental Drugs

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

The FDA recently removed paperwork that physicians must complete to receive experimental drugs for patients with life-threatening illnesses, Kaiser Health News reported. The new version of the application will take approximately 45 minutes and contains only 11 questions. An FDA spokeswoman said that some doctors could be deterred from applying due to unfamiliarity with the form.

Researchers created a blood test than can accurately tell how a patient will respond to common antidepressants that half of patients do not respond to. According to The Washington Post, the test measures 2 biomarkers, macrophage migration inhibitory factor, and interleukin 1 beta. These biomarkers indicate inflammation linked to poor response to common antidepressants.

Congress has sent President Barack Obama a bill that would regulate toxic chemicals that are found in everyday items. Both Republicans and Democrats backed the bill that would clear up state rules as well as update toxic-chemical laws that have not been changed in 40 years, according to ABC News. The bill would create safety standards for asbestos, formaldehyde, styrene, Bisphenol A, and others.