Trending News Today: Democrats Seek Bipartisan Healthcare Legislation

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Since the Senate healthcare bill failed to gain enough support to bring it to a vote, insurers are concerned whether the government will continue to provide financial assistance to Americans purchasing individual insurance, according to Reuters. Without the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which would have provided new guidance on subsidies, the government may be able to cut the funding as soon as August. Insurers have prepared for the potential loss of subsidies, with many increasing premiums by more than 20%, according to the article.

Senate Democrats are still hoping to work with GOP lawmakers to craft bipartisan legislation in light of stalled healthcare reform efforts, Politico reported. A bipartisan bill would require agreement on key issues, such as Medicaid and subsidies, which may be difficult. The hypothetical legislation would need to earn 60 votes between both parties to be approved, according to the article.

House Democrats have criticized GOP lawmakers for their claims that cutting funding for the 340B program would reduce increasing drug costs, according to Kaiser Health News. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price recently proposed cuts to Medicare reimbursement for hospitals and outpatient clinics under the program, stating that it would address high drug costs; however, Rep Diana DeGette (D-CO) argued that drug costs are a separate issue from the 340B drug discount program, Kaiser reported.