Trending News Today: Debate Continues Surrounding Medicare Drug Pricing Model

Trending news from across the healthcare landscape.

Medicare’s proposal to change its payment model for drugs has created much debate on whether the proposal gives too much power over pricing to government regulators, Kaiser Health News reported. One of the more controversial sections of the proposal would test different ways to slow spending on drugs that are offered in physicians’ offices, hospitals, and cancer infusion centers. The goal is to maintain quality and decrease spending by linking payments to how the drug works.

The FDA is considering an implanted rod that releases buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. The implanted device cannot be easily sold illegally, which is a key benefit of it. The probuphine implants are left for 6 months at a time and are said by a patient to be convenient, safe, and discreet, according to Kaiser Health News.

Anthem CEO, Joseph R. Swedish has acknowledged the tension with Cigna that has been making headlines and worrying investors. Swedish said that the companies have resolved their differences and are on the right track to receive regulatory approval, The Wall Street Journal reported. Anthem executives are positive their deal will receive antitrust approval as well.