Trending News Today: CBO Report Increases Opposition to GOP Healthcare Bill

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A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that an earlier form of a GOP bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would result in significant savings for the government, Reuters reported. Although the bill would save more than $133 billion and complies with requirements to pass as a simple majority, it is unclear whether it also conforms to Senate rules, according to the article. The hefty savings would be the result of fewer Americans enrolling in Medicaid and in individual plans.

Within minutes of the release of the CBO report, Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) issued a statement opposing proposed legislation to repeal and replace the ACA, according to Kaiser Health News. Collins is the third GOP Senator to voice concerns, which may place the bill in jeopardy since Republicans can only afford to lose 2 votes. Due to time constraints, the CBO was unable to issue a full report, but Collins said that she cannot support the legislation due to negative effects on those currently insured.

Anthem is now requiring their patients to receive MRIs or CT scans at independent imaging centers opposed to those owned by hospitals to keep costs low, Kaiser Health News reported. This change is an effort by the insurer to ensure that patients receive high-quality, safe healthcare at a lower cost. However, critics suggest that this rule may lead to fragmented care and may not align with efforts to promote quality, according to Kaiser. The new rule also requires an Anthem subsidiary to determine where they should be performed.

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