Trending News Today: AHCA Makes Major Changes to Federal Financial Assistance

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Individuals purchasing health insurance on state marketplaces may see changes to financial assistance from the federal government under the newly-released Senate healthcare bill. The novel legislation would reduce the income threshold for eligibility for subsidies, change the amount individuals pay for insurance, and provide less funding, according to Kaiser Health News. Approximately 85% of individuals who enrolled in coverage last year received subsidies. Under the Senate plan, premiums may be reduced, but the amount paid could increase, according to the article.

A new poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that a majority of Americans have a positive view of Medicaid and believe that the program works well. Despite the positive opinion across all parties, only approximately 38% recognized that the American Health Care Act would make major changes to the Medicaid, according to Kaiser Health News. Approximately one-fourth of respondents said that the bill made minor changes to Medicaid, while 13% were unaware of the proposed changes.

A new editorial published in JAMA International reported that children aged 6 and older should be screened for obesity and receive treatment when necessary. While many health plans cover intensive treatment for obesity, a majority of children do not have access to programs that include exercise, nutrition, and counseling, according to Kaiser Health News. Even though childhood obesity rates have leveled off, there are still millions of children in the United States with high body mass index, which can lead to adverse events in the future.

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