Trending News Today: Affordable Care Act Repeal in Question

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A majority of Californians have rejected Proposition 61, a law that would limit what the state’s Medicaid program pays for prescription drugs. The proposition would tie the price Medicaid pays to the price the Department of Veterans Affairs, which requires prescription drugs to be discounted by at least 24%, according to Kaiser Health News. A similar law is anticipated to be voted on next year in Ohio.

Although Donald Trump has made it clear that he plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some analysts are saying that the new law may be very similar. The problems faced by the ACA, such as increasing costs, older population, and less than ideal care, have not gone away, and they need to be addressed. Advocates of repealing the law say that it is unlikely that subsidies will be taken away, while critics aren’t so sure, Kaiser Health News reported.

California’s approval of recreational marijuana use is expected to reduce arrests as well as generate $1 billion in tax revenue due to regulating the industry. Numerous other states approved marijuana policies, which shows a cultural shift towards acceptance of marijuana use even though the federal government is not supportive, according to Kaiser Health News. Many Americans support this legislature, and do not believe that marijuana use is dangerous or needs to be illegal.