Trending News Today: Affordable Care Act Enrollment Continues Surge Post-Election

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Partnerships between hospitals could potentially lead to better outcomes for sick pediatric patients. A partnership between So Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Providence Health & Services system allows children to stay in their own communities, and not cause financial and emotional hardships on their families, according to Kaiser Health News. Instead of transferring patients and incurring additional costs, physicians from the children’s hospital will care for the patients at the hospital they are located at.

More than 1 million individuals have already enrolled in 2017 Affordable Care Act plans, with 300,000 individuals signing up within 3 days after the election. Of those sign ups, approximately one-fourth did not have health insurance through the marketplaces prior to the election, according to The New York Times. Despite President-elect Donald Trump making promises to repeal the law, officials at the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have said that they are already planning for 2018’s marketplaces.

Republican legislators have begun making plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and said they plan to take action as soon as January 2017, according to Politico. While these lawmakers are planning to take action swiftly, they also said that they plan to ensure individuals are not harmed by the repeal. However, they may run into challenges since the health law covers more than 20 million individuals.