Trending News Today: Aetna to Withdraw from Some ACA Exchanges

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Numerous studies have suggested that elderly patients in the hospital need to be more active, but many hospitals have not been making this a priority. Patients who are active and receive care from units specifically for elderly patients have better health outcomes and less costly care, according to Kaiser Health News. These units are also likely to prevent readmission, and patients are not likely to be sent to a nursing home.

Aetna announced that it will be withdrawing from certain Affordable Care Act exchanges next year. They will no longer be selling plans to two-thirds of the counties where it is currently selling plans, The New York Times reported. The company cited losses of more than $430 million since 2014 due to the health exchanges, and has lost $200 million this past quarter, according to the article.

Covered California now allows families to choose different plans depending on the health needs of its members. Previously, a family had to purchase 1 plan to cover the whole family, although certain members might have needed more extensive care than others. The new rule will also allow the tax credits to be distributed among different plans as well, according to California Healthline.