Trending News Today: ACA Repeal Could Also Impact Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

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Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could also impact individuals who have employer-sponsored health plans. While it is still unclear what GOP lawmakers intend to repeal, individuals with these plans may have to start paying for preventive services or face an annual limit on coverage, according to Kaiser Health News. However, President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to keep certain provisions of the health law, such as covering young adults until the age of 26.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program in California recently switched pharmacy and enrollment contracts, which resulted in enrollment delays, as some patients were not able to access treatment, according to California Healthline. Since the contract switch, there have been reports of patients being removed from the program without reason. Furthermore, some patients were not able to receive HIV treatment from pharmacies. Problems with the program’s online portal caused the system to shut down, forcing them to adopt paper applications, according to the article.

Individuals who value the ACA have been giving testimonials to Congress, and confronting GOP lawmakers who vow to repeal the law. Thousands of those individuals have also been rallying to show their support for the ACA, and show their displeasure with the impending repeal. Widespread support by Americans has caused Democratic lawmakers to stand up for the law as well, according to The New York Times.

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