Health Care Professionals Should Walk Away with Practical Resources from New HIV Course


PQA is also committed to national goals related to HIV and reducing HIV ending the epidemic.

Pharmacy Times spoke with Amanda Ryan, PQA Director of Education, about what health care professionals should take away from enrolling in a medication use/HIV course.

Ryan: One thing that we felt was really important in developing this course is we want it to be practical. That's the same as the rest of the modules that are part of our continuing education program.

We don't want something or somebody to just comes in and learn about clinical elements related to a particular topic, but we really want our participants to walk away with practical information about how to improve the quality of care. In this case, it is focused on HIV.

So we want our participants to be able to see some examples which have been incorporated in the course of how other health care professionals have improved quality of care so that they can do the same thing. PQA is also committed to national goals related to HIV, reducing HIV ending, the epidemic, and this is part of PQ A's contribution to that effort.

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