Trending News Today: ACA Reforms May Lead to Higher Costs for Older Individuals

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Numerous mental health professionals have been reporting that patients are seeking care for anxiety or depression related to the Trump administration. While politics are typically not a topic of conversation during sessions, more individuals have been coming in to discuss the political climate in the United States. Patients report problems sleeping, focusing at work, and are fighting with family members, according to Kaiser Health News.

In order to lower costs for younger individuals who tend to be healthy, GOP lawmakers are considering altering restrictions regarding how much insurers can charge older individuals, Kaiser Health News reported. While middle aged Americans already face high premiums, this plan could make healthcare even more unaffordable. A proposal introduced by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) last year would allow insurers to charge older individuals 5 times what younger individuals pay, according to the article.

GOP lawmakers have recently been under fire by angered constituents at town hall meetings that were set to discuss recent changes. However, some Republicans chose not to hold meetings during a recess of Congress in fear of protests, according to The New York Times. Individuals have been largely opposing the potential Affordable Care Act repeal along with the appointment of US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

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