Trending News Today: ACA Public Health Insurance Option Criticized

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A recent study found that, although opioids have been a growing concern, many Medicare beneficiaries are still leaving the hospital with prescription pain killers. According to Kaiser Health News, 10 to 20% of beneficiaries received a new prescription after a hospital visit. They also found hospitals that prescribed more opioids had higher satisfaction ratings.

US President Barack Obama recently announced plans to implement a public option into federally-run insurance, but critics are not confident that it will be the best plan. Economist Katharine Baicker does not believe that the country is in a position to implement this new option, according to Politico. She said that a majority of Obamacare co-ops have either shut down or cited major losses.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, long scrutinized for its actions, could potentially be involved in certain fraudulent activities. According to The Wall Street Journal, a veteran was told to act crazy, wear dirty clothes, and act homeless in order to receive additional disability benefits. Recent expanded coverage and faster claims processing means that more lenient evidence requirements could lead to veterans receiving more money than they should.