Top-Performing, Innovative Pharmacies Nominated for Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year


Pharmacies have a lot of opportunities to think out of the box, to be innovative, and continue to drive that power of community that we're highlighting at the event here.

Eyad Farah, President of Health Mart, Health Mart atlas, spoke to Pharmacy Times about the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award and the significance of the honor.

Farah: The Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year is really an award that recognizes top-performing pharmacies, and we look for specific characteristics. It’s the innovative thinking, the leadership in the profession, obviously, a lot of focus on patient care, and just the relentless work that they do around the community. I have to tell you, this year it’s been so hard to pick some of the finalists. We had such amazing stories when we were going through the nominations.

Farah: I mean, this whole conference is really different. We’re really trying to redesign the conference. We talked a lot about what idea sharing is about. First, let me just start by saying it’s been so exciting to just be with everyone here in person after 3 years, and we had 3 years to think about what we want to bring out of this conference, what do we want it to be. It’s really about our customers. It’s really about telling their stories. So, thinking about Pharmacy of the Year, there’s nothing different there. We wanted our pharmacies to choose the pharmacy of the year. It’s exciting. I can tell you, it’s been great to see the excitement around voting.

Farah: Well, I think the first thing is keep doing the great work that you're doing in your community, right. This is where everything starts. It's all centered around the patient and patient care and continuing to provide that holistic patient care experience that we all feel when we walk into a Health Mart pharmacy. I think we're at a point where we have a lot of opportunities to think out of the box, to be innovative, to think about how we want to grow our business differently, new solutions, and continue to drive that power of community that we're highlighting at the event here. If they do all that, I'm pretty sure they're going to be 1 of the nominees and hopefully win next year.

Farah: Congratulations to Buddy Bunch and the entire team at Bunch Pharmacy. They are so excited and we're so excited that they are the Health Mart pharmacy of the year. It's a great award, great recognition. We're excited to have them.

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