Top 5 Most Influential People in Healthcare


Achievements made among the many aspects of healthcare insurance are explored.

Healthcare is comprised of health insurance of all types, hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, clinicians, and many more moving parts.

So, how does 1 person make a difference in such an expansive landscape?

Whether it’s implementing the Affordable Care Act, creating new Medicare payment models, or even creating an integrated care model, change is key. Moving towards quality and away from incentivizing care has led to some healthcare executives taking huge strides to a better healthcare future.

Below are the top 5 people who have had the most influence in healthcare, according to an article on Modern Healthcare.

1. US President Barack Obama

While greatly scrutinized for the Affordable Care Act, President Obama has implemented a program to provide health insurance to individuals that would have otherwise not received coverage. This program has resulted in the uninsured rate dropping to historic lows and more individuals receiving primary care and preventive services.

2. Bernard Tyson

The Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente earned the second spot for his contributions to Kaiser, a company that provides health insurance and care to millions of people. The integrated system of insurance, hospitals, and physicians has been deemed the healthcare model of the future, according to the article.

3. Anthony Tersigni

As the President and CEO of Ascension, the largest Catholic healthcare system in the US, the company was able to waive deductibles for patients under 250% of the poverty level. Their mission is to provide care for poor and vulnerable patients.

4. Mark Bertolini

Bertolini, Chairman and CEO of Aetna, has continuously pushed for expanding Medicare Advantage to reform health benefits, and has challenged the government to approve the Humana merger, earning him the fourth spot on the list.

5. Sylvia Mathews Burwell

As the Secretary of the US Department of the Human and Health Services, Burwell has focused on the quality of healthcare. Along with her team, they have been aggressively working towards a Medicare reimbursement model that focuses on quality through alternative payments.

Click here to read the full list on Modern Healthcare.

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