Top 10 Pharmacist Influencers on Twitter


There are hundreds of pharmacists on Twitter, but who should you follow? Here, I have listed the top 10 pharmacist influencers, in no particular order.

Twitter is the #1 social media channel to connect with influential pharmacists. If you connect with the right pharmacist, you can learn about news, tools, great opportunities, or even land a job.

There are hundreds of pharmacists on Twitter, but who should you follow? Here,

I have listed the top 10 pharmacist influencers, in no particular order:

1. Anyssa Garza


Anyssa is a contributor at and RxWiki, an online resource for medication information for patient and health care professionals. She posts great info about the latest news on pharmacy and new medications, and s

he also shares great advice for future PharmDs!

2. Jason Poquette


Jason is another contributor and the

founder of The Honesty Apothecary, a website dedicated to helping pharmacists throughout all points of their career, with a focus on community pharmacy.

I love Jason’s blog because he has a well-balanced view on current health care news, the pharmacy profession, and career development. Despite the fact Jason has more than 14,000 Twitter followers, he often says thank you to those who retweet him.

Mad respect, Jason.

3. Dave Walker


Dave is the Pharmacist King of Twitter. He is always posting great things to help move the pharmacy profession forward. I have spoken with Dave many times over the last year and, each time, I leave the conversation with a million new ideas on how to improve my career and our profession.

4. Blonde pharmacist @blondepharmacist

Interested in the life of a clinical pharmacist?

Check out the Blonde Pharmacist.

Beth has a wealth of clinical pharmacist information, specifically surrounding all things needed to become a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS). She’s very active on her website, publishing content geared towards helping readers pass the BCPS exam.

5. Eric Christianson


Eric, the man behind Meded101, is a long-term care pharmacist who is driven to provide more detailed information on medication management. He has a passion for long-term care patients and creating medication information that's super helpful!

I spoke with Eric over 4 months ago for the first time, and I could tell he had a passion for helping people.

6. Mel Seabright @pbmpharmacist

Mel Seabright is a managed care pharmacy expert (one of few on Twitter). If that wasn’t enough, he finished his MBA shortly after pharmacy school. I follow Mel to stay updated on the world of pharmacy benefits management (PBM). I need to know an expert in this field, because I’m not!

It’s great to make connections in various pharmacy fields, especially to know someone like Mel who is a third-party payment and drug price expert.

7. Tim Aungst


Tim is

a new contributor

and an assistant professor of pharmacy and founder of The Digital Apothecary. He has one of the best blogs about pharmacy that I have read. I enjoy Tim’s blog because he doesn’t hold back the truth and provides great insights on technology. I’m certain this Renaissance man will be leading our profession forward.

8. Joel Thornbury


Joel is president of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and an independent pharmacy owner. He is an inspiring man who pushes the profession forward. I saw him speak once for students and felt like I needed to open up my own independent pharmacy, and I don't even desire to work in retail! That's how energetic and inspiring Joel is!

9. Jamie Mitchell @pharmacistjamie

Jamie is a community pharmacist who’s rocking the Twittersphere. I love her perspective on patient care and the pharmacy profession. Her tweets just make me smile.

Here’s a tweet she wrote for the #rethinkpharmacy Twitter chat that I love:

“When a #pharmacist is close to burnout ask them to share a story of helping someone. Brings it back #rethinkpharmacy”

10. Daniel

Kudryashov @Daniel_Kudro

Every time I see a tweet from Dan, a smile appears on my face. His Twitter account is filled with the most positive and encouraging posts, and h

e inspires me to do more with my Twitter profile.

If you’re a pharmacy student, and you need encouragement through those exams (because every future PharmD needs that), then I urge you to follow Dan.

I’m also impressed that he’s able to stay so active on Twitter as a pharmacy student.

If you have an interest in getting into pharmacy school, get a pharmacy residency, or rocking your PharmD career, I would be honored if you checked out my

Twitter profile @pharmschoolhq.

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