Tips for Treating Skin Issues From Wearing Protective Face Masks


Tips and tricks to make mask-wearing less problematic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you Google "face mask" in 2020 looking for a facial spa treatment, you will only find masks consisting of cloth and fabric rather than clay and charcoal. Masks have become the trademark of 2020.

Public health officials recommend that we wear masks to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19); however, these recommendations have at times been met with resistance. It can be difficult to wear face masks.

They feel uncomfortable, restricting, and irritating to the skin. What can we do to make mask-wearing less problematic? I’ve listed some tips and tricks below.

The Positives of Masks

Medical experts emphasize that masks can reduce viral spread. Masks have been a part of Asian practices for years to decrease respiratory illnesses.

A study found the cotton masks effectively reduce the number of droplets spread through fabric. Surgical masks also work well, but they may not be as comfortable to wear.

Face coverings can have additional benefits—they can keep your face warm during the winter. As a personal example, I went for a walk a few days ago. I wished that I had worn a mask to keep my cheeks from going numb in the icy wind.

Even though we all need to wear masks, we can be unique by customizing our masks to our personality. We can express our interests with different patterns, colors, or sports team logos.

Even famous designers are using their creativity to produce masks that match couture outfits. Many businesses have struggled during this pandemic. By purchasing a special mask from a fundraiser or a local business owner, you can also support the local shops and entrepreneurs.

We can also save money and time on makeup since there is less reason to use it. Lipstick sales have plummeted during the pandemic since the bottom half of the face is covered.

The phrase "the eyes are the windows to the soul" has never been truer. Although we may want to sometimes hide a facial expression under the mask, we must remember that our eyes give away our true emotions.

Given the controversy behind mask-wearing, we also need to remember that some people may not be able to wear masks. For example, people who have post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic experiences may have flashbacks when wearing masks. For this reason, plastic face shields may be an alternative. They are more comfortable and prevent people from touching their face.

Skin Issues Due to Face Masks

The term “maskne” has become popular in the beauty and skincare community over the past few months. It refers to the breakouts and skin irritations that people can experience from wearing masks.

Below are some tips and products to help deal with those pesky pimples.

Tip #1: Cleanse

Dermatologists advise that people take special care to clean their faces and masks regularly. If someone has a reusable mask, they should make sure to wash it daily. A product that can help with cleansing the face includes the Buf Puf facial sponge. It can help with cleaning the skin while also exfoliating.

Tip #2: Cover

If someone does end up with some stubborn blemishes, they can use NexCare Acne Blemish Covers. It works like a sticker. Simply place the sticker on a blemish overnight or wear it under the mask during the day. The cover will absorb pus and oil and reduce the blemish.

Tip #3: Change

If patients complain of skin irritation due the mask, it is possible that the material from the mask is irritating their skin.

There has been a case report in the literature of a patient having contact dermatitis caused by the elastic on his mask. In this case, when the patient switched to a cotton-based, elastic-free mask, his symptoms improved. For patients with skin issues, cotton masks may be the answer. The material is more breathable than traditional single-use masks.

In conclusion, even though face coverings can cause discomfort, they bring us one step closer to defeating COVID-19.

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