Tips for Rocking Your Pharmacy School Orientation


Congratulations on your acceptance into pharmacy school!

Congratulations on your acceptance into pharmacy school! You are about to embark on a great scholastic journey that is both rewarding and challenging. Take some time to enjoy your summer break before beginning pharmacy school. Orientation is just around the corner, and you may be wondering what to expect. Check out these 5 tips to make the most of your pharmacy school orientation experience.

Arrive on time.

Just as you would be punctual for class, arrive on time for your orientation. This is the time to make your professionalism shine through. Set your alarm the evening before and have a nutritious breakfast prior to orientation. The night before my pharmacy school orientation, I even set 2 alarm clocks to make sure I did not oversleep! Make sure to take into account traffic and the weather to leave enough time for your commute. Programs may take attendance or even select students on a waiting list to take your spot if you miss orientation. Therefore, it is important to take orientation very seriously.

Take notes and organize paperwork.

Bring an iPad or other device for taking notes during orientation. You will be given a lot of information, and it is impossible to remember everything. Document information about important topics such as attendance policies, test taking strategies, and student organizations. Also, take the time to organize your orientation paperwork. Folders or a binder with tabs will help keep you organized. Take the time at the end of orientation to review all of the important information you learned. Make sure to submit important paperwork on time.

Network with future classmates.

Take the time to meet your classmates, as you will be in the same boat throughout pharmacy school. You will likely form lifelong friendships and possibly work at the same facility in the future. Always remember that pharmacy school should not be a competition of who has the highest grades. This is the time to collaborate to enhance the profession. Forming study groups is a great way to make the most of your pharmacy school experience and enhance your knowledge.

Introduce yourself to professors.

You will likely meet many of your future professors during orientation. Take the time to introduce yourself. Many professors have open door policies when it comes to asking questions. Faculty always enjoy seeing students that are enthusiastic during orientation. You can discuss various topics including coursework, rotations, and research opportunities.

Decide which student organizations to join.

There are a plethora of student organizations to join during pharmacy school. The organizations may have tables displayed with their information, and they may provide a short presentation during orientation. Try to decide on one organization to join by the time you start your first week of pharmacy school. I would recommend starting out with one organization until you are used to the coursework. Then you can decide whether to join more. There is definitely an organization for everyone including various practice settings such as hospital, community, consulting, and managed care. Joining an organization is a great way to enhance your skills through various practice based events such as health screenings, educational events, and training programs.

The best of luck at your pharmacy school orientation!

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