Three Key Services Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Provide Patients: Are You Taking Advantage?


Studies show that patients who are introduced to patient support programs through digital platforms are more likely to use support services.

The widespread adoption of digital health has exploded over the past few years, and if recent reports are correct, the global digital health market will hit $1.5 trillion this year. Remote care and digital health platforms have become the norm in today’s environment.

Although many patients have begun to return to pre-pandemic in-person care options, one thing remains vastly different. They are much more comfortable with digital, so much so that patients now expect that their health support mimics the same convenience and ease as the consumer tech experience.

This means that pharmaceutical manufacturers are also adapting so that patients can enroll in and take advantage of their services through digital to meet this shift in patient demand. The resulting outcome is new opportunities for manufacturers to connect with patients with whom they previously had little-to-no access to engage.

Studies show that patients who are introduced to patient support programs through digital platforms are 4 times more likely to utilize their support services. And these same patients also remain on therapy significantly longer than those who do not utilize digital options. For patients with multiple chronic health issues, this support can greatly impact their life for the better.

So, what pharmaceutical manufacturer support services should patients be taking advantage of? Let’s dive into 3 of them:

Financial support for expensive medications

For many people, health insurance covers the majority of prescription drug costs. But for those with chronic health issues, such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, or arthritis, some expensive medications are either not covered by insurance or still require a large out-of-pocket cost even after insurance has kicked in.

For example, a patient with multiple sclerosis spends, on average, $2000 per month on medication. If this same patient were to take advantage of a patient assistant program (PAP) offered by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, they could save up to 50%, or $10,000 per year, by participating. Co-pay and discount cards are a primary way that patients can take advantage of these savings through enrolling in manufacturer support. However, many patients do not realize they are eligible to enroll or simply do not know where to take advantage of these impactful programs.

Access to transportation services

Many patients rely on public transportation, friends, or family to get to physician appointments, which can be daunting for someone with chronic health issues and might not own a vehicle. Most patients are unaware of the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers often provide free door-to-door transportation to make it easy for them to get to and from recurring appointments, which can ultimately contribute to consistent care and treatment.

Reports show that 1 in 5 patients miss or delay medical treatment due to transportation barriers, so providing a physical means to get to appointments is critical. Furthermore, ease of access to requesting this support often directly correlates to the degree to which it is used.

24/7 access to personal support

Clinical professional support provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers can be available to patients around the clock without the frustration of waiting on hold or finding an available provider, which can take the stress off those chronic health issues. Whether it’s a payment question or one about adverse effects, patients often have the flexibility to communicate directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers' clinical support teams, which in turn can improve patient adherence and total health management.

After all, if access to personal health support is made easy, there are no excuses not to be taking advantage of it.

Digital platforms for total health management

When patients know which resources are available and how to access them, their success in treatment multiplies, which is the ultimate goal. More importantly, how easy it is to continually learn about and access new support has a major impact on its overall adoption.

This can be done by taking advantage of digital health platforms that allow patients to manage everything from multiple medications and symptoms to diet and exercise. The best and fastest growing new trend? Direct access to pharmaceutical manufacturers’ support within these tools to take advantage of the services mentioned above.

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