This Water Bottle Company Has a Different Solution for Supplement Consumption


A new company aims to help people get their supplements through the water bottle instead of just taking pills.

Everyone loves water bottles, with differences stemming from what type of material they are made of, and how long they stay cold or hot. There are some novelties, such as different functions the bottle can perform or add-ons, like one that has a pillbox on the side of the water bottle (yes, really). Overall, the substance inside is relatively not the selling point. In an age where we are trying to slam as much technology even into mundane tools we use throughout the day, it comes as no surprise that one start-up company is looking on how to 'revolutionize' the water bottle.

LifeFuel is a new company that plans to release their 'smart' water bottle in 2018. The smart bottle they created is essentially a water bottle that pods can be inserted into to create personalized mixes to replete the user with vitamins or other supplements. In one way, it reminds me of an-on-the go Keurig for Gatorade.

The bottle holds 500 ml of water and up to 3 pods that each have 15 doses (for a total of 45 doses). The bottle also tracks how much water or mix drinks throughout the day. These supplements include:

  • Daily Essentials—Vitamin complex - Peach flavor
  • Pre-Workout—Guarana - Pineapple mango flavor
  • Recover Plus—BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) - Pomegranate cranberry flavor
  • Natural Energy—B-Complex vitamin - Blackcurrant pomegranate flavor
  • Super Greens—Spinach - Citrus flavor
  • Hydrate Plus—Electrolytes - Tropical fruit flavor
  • Sleep Well—Chamomille tea - Pear flavor

From what I can gather, they are trying to create a means for users to drink their needs throughout the day. I can imagine it includes a vitamin complex for breakfast, pre-workout and post-work out, or sleep well mix.

The 'smart' technology that comes into play includes the bottle's integration with an app on the user's smartphone to track other variables and pair up with any wearables. I assume that it can pair with dietary apps and exercise or wellness apps to help dictate what vitamins may be best to use at points of the day. Nonetheless, as many companies are aiming for as of late, the premise of LifeFuel is to get users to buy the pods.

This product is interesting to me for several reasons. I could see other companies looking to integrate their beverages into this product, but also vitamin and supplement companies, if this were to take off. This could also be aimed at children for similar means of introducing supplements (think like a sick kid Pedialyte dispensing system). Could medications be placed into this? I doubt it, as this would likely involve too much work and effort for pharma, but again, this seems to be a product aimed at the OTC aisle and it is worth watching what comes of it in the near future.

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