Think Positive About the Aging Process

Many stereotypes about aging can mislead your own thinking.

A Wall Street Journal article titled “To Age Well, Change How You Feel About Aging” caught my attention, probably because of my age.

I recently had a left knee replacement, and as I have been recovering from that event, I have become more attuned to how the body heals itself. Because of my age (over 75), I am also aware that the many stereotypes about aging can mislead your own thinking.

The point of the article was that “harboring negative stereotypes about getting older can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

The author offered 4 strategies to improve your mind-set and well-being:

  • Understand the myths vs. the facts
  • Recognize stereotypes in everyday life
  • Substitute positive for negative stereotypes
  • Accept the aging process

I can attest to the value of having positive thoughts about the aging process. I am also amazed at how well the body heals itself. It may take a little longer as you age, but it is still remarkable that it happens.

Six weeks after my surgery, I was released by my physical therapists and surgeon to go back to the gym. I still have more improvements to make, but being old is great.

I recommend that you consider working on changing your attitude about aging.