The Value of Going Beyond the First Fill as a Medically Integrated Pharmacy

At the recent National Community Oncology Dispensing Association Spring Froum in Denver, Chris Kepinski, PharmD, Pharmacy Director at Southern Oncology Specialists, explains how pharmacists can go beyond the first fill and how this brings value to pharmacists, payers, and patients.


So, medically integrated pharmacies want to go beyond the first fill because we can provide the best care. We’re going to be following up with patients basically weekly and then monthly. We can relay that to the doctor to see how they want to progress with their treatment, if there’s any changes they want to have. So, for our side, it’s really important to show the value we bring to the payers. We’re staying on treatment, and following up with them is going to be cost savings because they’re not going to be visiting the emergency room or any of thos extra, kind of, indirect costs.