The Sassy Pharmacist Discusses Patients with Knee Pain


"It drives me crazy when a patient says, 'I know you are not a doctor, but what do you recommend for knee pain?'"

Maurice Shaw, PharmD: Hi! I'm Maurice Shaw, AKA the Sassy Pharmacist. I am both a PharmD and a comedian. In fact, you may have seen my videos on YouTube.

Here's a Pet Peeve of mine, brought to you by the Sassy Pharmacist and Pharmacy Times®.

It drives me crazy when a patient says, "I know you are not a doctor but what do you recommend for knee pain?" And the Sassy Pharmacist answers, "I recommend you ask an MD!"

Seriously, though, in this situation, the pharmacist is in a great position to counsel their patient about OTC options, and other methods like ice. If knee pain hasn't responded to these recommendations, the pharmacist should recommend that the patient see a physician.

So as a reminder, when dealing with customers in the pharmacy, you can either stay class or get sassy. Stay sassy my friends!

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