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The pharmacist who is gracing our cover is the 2012 Next-Generation PharmacistTM—an honor bestowed on the top winner of our prestigious awards program in partnership with Parata Systems. His name is Joseph Moose, and you have met him before in your own community. He is the pharmacist who takes the time to speak to you at length about your elderly mom's medications and health, the one who clarifies the confusion about a newly diagnosed condition, and the one who rallies his colleagues to assist you and your family for all follow-ups.

Our mission in recognizing Joe—and the 9 other category winners in this nationwide program—is to underscore the critical importance of pharmacists in all settings and the huge impact they have on the health and welfare of this nation. It is our goal to recognize excellence where we see it and promote the pharmacy profession and innovative individuals.

Pharmacists are the backbone of the health care system and, in a sense, the backbone of America. This is not a stretch when you consider the ongoing discussion about the health care reform bill and its impact—still hotly debated as the presidential election dominates the news. Pharmacists are literally the glue that keeps the health system going and they are probably the best resource for essential cost savings and improved models of care. By recognizing them with this awards program, Pharmacy Times

is committed to demonstrating the high value of pharmacists

, and the untapped strengths they can offer the health care conundrum.

I personally invite you to read about these 10 winners and hear their stories in this issue. You will see what a tremendous service they make to their local communties and on a national level. It is astounding what personal drive and a sense of personal responsibility can do to impact so many people.

Joe Moose, along with all the finalists, accepted his award at the gala dinner event at the San Diego Zoo during the National Community Pharmacists Association annual meeting this month. He is an exceptional leader in pharmacy who "inspires people to build their strengths." He is also the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year category

—a great fit for his story and his valuable contributions to the field. The Moose family has been in the pharmacy business for 4 generations, and Joe's entrepreneurial spirit and savvy have contributed greatly to their success. As someone who has built a family business, I know how much dedication and hard work it takes to successfully respond to market changes, grow in a technology driven world, and build the very best team to make it all happen. Like I said, they are the backbone of America.

You can enjoy a video of 2012 Next-Generation Pharmacist Joseph Moose by using the new Pharmacy Times AR app

—augmented reality

—to hear from Joe himself.

Thank you for reading!

Mike Hennessy

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer/President

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