The American Pharmacists Association Launches PharmacyLibrary with Interactive Exam Module on Atypon's Literatum



The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has relaunched, its pharmacy education and reference website, on Atypon’s Literatum, the scholarly and professional publishing industry’s most widely used online publishing platform. Atypon now hosts APhA’s core library of 44 pharmacy reference and technician training eBooks, case studies, educational materials, and board review tools for NAPLEX®, the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam.

The site includes Literatum’s newest feature—an interactive exams module—custom-built for APhA and now available to all Atypon clients. The module gives students a personalized dashboard for creating customized practice tests on the fly—by subject area and/or level of difficulty—from over 3,600 questions. The dashboard then dynamically displays content recommendations from APhA’s library that are tailored to each student’s test results and based on areas where the greatest improvement is needed.

Literatum’s flexibility is giving APhA an unprecedented level of control over how its content is managed and displayed online. APhA can now customize content display and bonus offers based on the identity of the user: student, instructor, or Association member. APhA’s newest initiative, titled PharmacotherapyFirst: A Multimedia Learning Resource, will incorporate the interactive exams module, reference content, and original multimedia elements into a peer-reviewed resource focused on disease-state management and patient care.

“Our new ability to capture user-level analytics and make changes to the site’s interface and content—including board review questions—will enable us to respond more quickly to the changing needs of our users, and expand our content offerings,” said Elizabeth K. Keyes, Chief Operating Officer at APhA. “PharmacyLibrary is a unique platform offering users leading book content, multimedia, learning tools, and a sophisticated board review module. We were impressed by how quickly Atypon’s solution architects were able to incorporate these different elements and create such a complex website from scratch.”

Atypon’s engineers created a full-featured site in 10 months, meeting APhA’s aggressive development schedule. The new site includes single sign-on with APhA’s association management system (AMS) and Learning Tools Interoperability integration with APhA’s “Learner Community” learning management system. The NAPLEX® review module is powered by Atypon’s Digital Objects technology, which gives all content the same degree of enhanced functionality, from APhA’s test questions and answers to their books, Active Learning Exercises, case studies, and high-resolution streaming videos.

“Literatum’s new exam module is bringing assessment technologies to the entire community of Atypon publishers,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, Atypon’s founder and CEO. “The assessment tools underlying the NAPLEX® review deliver new value to existing content and create new revenue streams."

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