Thank Your Mentors Throughout American Pharmacists Month


As you celebrate American Pharmacists Month, take a moment to reconnect with your mentor.

LinkedIn must have had American Pharmacists Month in mind when it recently sent out an e-mail inviting its members to give their mentors a shout out for their guidance and support.

Upon receiving this e-mail, I immediately thought about my own mentor, Mr. Weber, who served as both my preceptor during pharmacy school and my boss on my first job as a hospital pharmacist.

Calm and composed with a great sense of humor, Mr. Weber was well respected by new and seasoned pharmacists alike, and he eased my transition from pharmacy student to real-world professional. He was my Yoda.

While the role of pharmacy preceptors is to facilitate experiential learning, their focus is on building a genuine relationship with the less experienced pharmacist. Besides sharing knowledge, a successful mentor is approachable, non-judgemental, nurtures self-confidence, and demonstrates the core values and work ethic of the pharmacy profession.

Consider the opportunity to pay it forward by becoming a mentor to today's students. Pass on those pharmacy pearls you learned as a seasoned professional. Seek out the Karate Kid and become his or her Mr. Miyagi.

The benefit of the mentor-mentee relationship is that it's a 2-way street. You will learn and grow from your encounters with your mentee as much as they will.

As you celebrate American Pharmacists Month, take a moment to reconnect with your pharmacy mentor via phone, e-mail, or social media using #ThankAPharmacist. Acknowledge the role that he or she played in shaping your professional development.

The assistance, support, and direction provided by your mentors are like no other workplace bond you will experience in your career.

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