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Pharmacy TimesNovember 2010 Cough & Cold
Volume 76
Issue 11

Fillmaster PLUSMarketed by: FlavorRx Inc

The new Fillmaster PLUS combines digital reconstitution and flavoring technology into one easy-to-use machine. The Fillmaster PLUS is designed to quickly and accurately reconstitute medications while speeding up the process of flavoring for increased pediatric prescription compliance. The device uses National Drug Code bar code scanning technology to completely automate reconstitution— saving time and reducing the risk of filling errors. In addition, FLAVORx flavors and formulations are integrated into the machine for fast, efficient prescription flavoring.

For More Information:; 800-884-5771

Rx DrugSAFEMarketed by: RxSAFEs Inc

The Rx DrugSAFE is a medication lock box designed by security experts to prevent prescription drug abuse within the home. Made of 17-gauge steel, the RxDrugSAFE uses fingerprint recognition technology that allows only authorized adults to access its contents. It stores up to 12 medication bottles and can recognize 120 unique users, ensuring medications are available to family members and professional caregivers in an emergency. The lightweight unit can also be mounted on the wall or packed in luggage to secure medications while traveling.

For More Information:

HealthPALMarketed by: MedApps Inc

HealthPAL is the central component of the MedApps Remote Health Monitoring Solution, an integrated set of tools that allows patients to track and share detailed health data. Using embedded cellular and Bluetooth technology, the compact “hands-off” device wirelessly transmits data from compatible devices—such as glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, scales, and pulse oximeters—to a secure central server. Patients can track readings using an electronic health record (EHR) or online medical records service, such as Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health. The data can also be accessed by health care providers, either through the patient’s EHR or through HealthCOM, MedApps’ Web-based patient management system.

For More Information:; 888-US-MEDAPPS

Pill Timer RxCAPMarketed by: Med Time Technology Inc

The Pill Timer RxCap is a simple, affordable tool for helping patients adhere to prescribed treatment regimens. The glow-in-the-dark combination timer and cap is designed to fit standard prescription vials and requires minimal effort to implement. To set the timer, patients simply remove the cap, hold a button to set the correct dosage interval, and return the cap to the vial. When the time is up, an alarm sounds for 20 seconds and a red light flashes for 1 minute. If a dose is missed, a blinking screen and hourly alarm provide backup reminders. It can be purchased for $4.99, with special pricing available for orders of 20 units or more.

For More Information:; 800-829-3132

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