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Pharmacy TimesAugust 2010 Oncology
Volume 76
Issue 8

EXPRx.netMarketed by: (Flower Mound, TX) is a secure, user-friendly Web-based service that allows community pharmacy owners to buy, sell, and transfer their pharmaceutical inventories. Through its growing network of pharmacists, enables intra-network inventory management—a benefit previously available only to chain pharmacies. helps pharmacy owners decrease or avoid reclamation and respond quickly to orders, minimizing waste and improving profitability. Registered members have access to a library of brand name and generic pharmaceuticals— all within their expiration dates—in a fixed-price format. To ensure the integrity of products listed through the service, adheres to stringent safety and quality assurance procedures. Applicants must undergo a detailed registration and verification process to participate, and a strict policy for product listings makes medications easily traceable.

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TeleManager Technologies’ iRefillMarketed by:

TeleManager Technologies Inc (Newark, NJ)

iRefill is a new free mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry that allows users to order refills and receive responses regarding the status of their prescriptions. Using the app’s built-in “Call Button” function, patients can establish immediate contact with their local pharmacy. According to TeleManager Technologies, cofounder and chief operating officer Paul Kobylevsky, the app is a “logical extension” of the company’s other services, such as its patented Interactive Voice Response system and its Internet Refill solution. To allow patients to take advantage of the free program, pharmacies must sign up for the service by contacting TeleManager Technologies directly.

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LDM Group’s CarePointsMarketed by:

LDM Group (St. Louis, MO)

LDM Group provides pharmacists with an integrated patient communication platform, CarePoints, to deliver treatment communications to their patients picking up medications. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—compliant system is integrated into the pharmacist’s workflow, and CarePoints prints an appropriate medication therapy management message based on the patient’s medication, disease state, and behavior. These customized and tailored treatment communications focus on driving compliance; increasing disease awareness; promoting health and wellness; issuing refill, late, or lapsed reminders; and distributing medication guides when appropriate.

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TCGRx’s Will-Call RxMarketed by:

TCGRx (Powers Lake, WI)

Will-Call Rx is a computerized system for hanging and retrieving will-call prescriptions that eliminates the need for traditional alphabetical organization. The system uses an energy-efficient LED light to identify prescription locations and bar-code scanning to ensure verification, accurate pickup, and inventory management. Will-Call Rx can sort prescriptions by patient or household and has the ability to identify all prescriptions, including bulk and refrigerated medications. An aging report alerts pharmacists of prescriptions not picked up by the patient, and a return-tostock function enables the safe and accurate return of unused medication to inventory. Will-Call Rx comes in a number of different standard and customized modules to fit pharmacies of every size.

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