Taking the Leap Forward-to 2014!


Look forward to the new year by resolving to take new personal and professional leaps.

This past year was a great one for me. In addition to a successful year in the pharmacy, I was able to travel to some of the most amazing places on Earth. Many patients and coworkers have asked me, "How did you manage to travel so much? Where do you find the vacation time?" My answer: time management and mastering efficiency. Those skills aren't just helpful in the pharmacy! In 2013, my passport was stamped in Peru, the Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, and even on Easter Island. On top of those incredible foreign locales, I was able to visit a number of US cities. And, of course, sample a number of local specialties. I also enjoyed a milestone birthday.

As I leap into 2014, my resolution is to incorporate more of my travel experiences into my cooking and work. My reading list includes many new cookbooks that promise to teach me, among other things, the art of French cuisine and how to perfect Spanish tapas. I also dug up old German and Norwegian heritage cookbooks from my grandma's basement. I even managed to find many Greek and Moroccan recipes that bring back warm travel memories during the cold winter months here in the Midwest. Measuring, pouring, and delivering a perfect final product is not just the skill of a pharmacist; it is the hobby of a girl who truly enjoys compounding in the kitchen.

Happy New Year everyone! I dare you to take some personal and professional leaps in 2014! Travel to your dream city. Or, just experience that city's food through compounding in the kitchen!

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