Interactives®: Weigh in on the 2022 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey

Are you curious about what other pharmacists earn or how satisfied they are in their jobs?

Are you curious about what other pharmacists earn? About the job satisfaction and compensation of pharmacists in other clinical environments? So are we!

Each year, we ask if you're satisfied with your job as a pharmacist and your compensation.

Last year, we found that you were moderately satisfied with your compensation and jobs, and we want to know if that's changed.

Burnout has been a growing topic for health care workers and pharmacists, in particular. To learn more about that, we have added 2 new questions about your workload and stress levels.

Please take 10 minutes to complete our 2022 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey, so that we can learn more about salary information, practice setting, workload, your interactions with co-workers, advancement opportunities, and overall satisfaction. After we've gathered your responses, we'll post a 3-part series so that you can see the results.

Please share your input with us and your colleagues by completing the survey below. Please click here to continue the conversation, too, so you may share your thoughts with your colleagues!