Study: Single Individuals Living in Rural Areas With Heart Disease Face More Hopelessness


Published results indicate that marriage, urban living put people less at risk for cardiovascular problems.

New study results published in the The Journal of the American Heart Association shows that living in rural settings and being unmarried has a link to hopelessness among individuals with heart disease.

“We found that living in a rural area is a risk factor for hopelessness,” Susan Dunn, PhD, RN, an associate professor and department head of biobehavioral nursing science at the University of Illinois in Chicago, said in a statement. “Because we know hopelessness is predictive of death in people with heart disease, health care professionals need to recognize the subgroups who are most at risk and provide guidance and treatment.”

The study results showed that living in a rural setting poses a significant risk factor for hopelessness.

With or without cardiovascular disease, individuals in rural areas have higher death rates than individuals in urban settings, and the risks that cause heart disease, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking, are more prevalent in rural communities.

The study results showed that levels of hopelessness in individuals with heart disease were 10% higher than those in urban areas, and 20% of unmarried individuals experienced hopelessness more than those who were married in rural areas, according to the statement.

However, the levels of hopelessness in connection with overall outlook on life in both rural and urban individuals were similar, at 59% to 55%, respectively.

“The results indicate that we need more information,” Dunn said. “There is a need to develop effective prevention and treatment methods for people with heart disease who have feelings of hopelessness.”


Unmarried adults with heart disease living in rural areas face more hopelessness, increased risk of death. EurekAlert. News release. September 1, 2021. Accessed September 1, 2021.

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