Smart Pump Technologies Offer Advantages

Similar to smartphone updates, cumbersome drug library updates prevent the drug library from being useful to clinicians.

As hospitals continue to serve more patients, high efficiency from hospital staff is critical, and several tools on display at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Conference may help with improving efficiency.

Dennis M. Killian, PharmD, PhD, who is Pharmacy Director of the Peninsula Regional Medical Center discussed efficiency as it relates to infusion pumps, particularly the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System’s. Dr. Killian's tech talk, sponsored by Baxter, focused on Sigma's drug library publication process and how it assists in reducing pump programming variability at the bedside.

Dr. Killian began his talk by discussing smart phone updates. He said that many smart phone users understand the frustrations involved in updating operating systems, as there is often not enough space for the update, and the often long times inolved in downloading updates. This translates all too often, he said, to frequent avoidance in conducting the update. The same is true for many smart pumps with drug library updates, he said.

"Similar to smartphone updates, cumbersome drug library updates prevent the drug library from being useful to clinicians," Dr. Killian said. "This is certainly something we experienced at our hospital prior to the implementation of the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System." However, with this system, he said, there is no need for staff interactions like accepting the drug library, or even pump intervention.

He said Sigma Spectrum infusion system has allowed their hospital system to be more nimble with library updates, giving them the efficiency they need to quickly add medications to the formulary, and quickly implement suggestions from nursing and pharmacy.

Hear more from Dr. Killian on this infusion system in this video.

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