SK Life Science Presents Long-Term Data of XCOPRI for Treatment of Seizures

About 74% of individuals who remained on cenobamate had early-onset responder rates and high rates of sustained seizure reduction for as long as 43 months, study results show.

SK Life Science Inc presented new post-hoc, retrospective analyses of the long-term efficacy and safety of anti-seizure medication cenobamate tablets (XCOPRI) at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting.

“Based on these findings, XCOPRI may be an option for patients both early in their treatment regimen as well as later on, if prior treatments–including surgery–have been unsuccessful,” William Rosenfeld, MD, an epileptologist and neurologist principal investigator at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center for Children and Adults in St. Louis, Missouri, said in a statement.

About 74% of individuals who remained on cenobamate on or after September 1, 2019, showed early-onset responder rates and high rates of sustained seizure reduction for as long as 43 months, with a median of 30.2 months.

Seizure reductions of at least 50% occurred in 56% of individuals with seizures that affected focal aware motor (FAM), at least 50% in 51% of individuals with focal impaired awareness (FIA) and at least 50% in 70% of individuals with focal to bilateral tonic-clonic (FBTC) in the initial 12-week titration phase.

Seizer reduction of 100% was observed during titration for 22% of individuals with FAM and FIA and 50% of individuals with FBTC.

During the 24-to-27-month period, complete seizure reduction occurred in 48%, 54%, and 91% for individuals with FAM, FIA, and FBTC, respectively.

Additionally, of individuals who received an epilepsy-related surgery and continued to experience frequent seizures, 31% maintained seizure freedom for at least 12 consecutive months during exposure to cenobamate.

Investigators examined data collected from 240 individuals with partial-onset seizures who participated in the long-term, multicenter, open-label phase 3 safety study.

Safety data were consistent with safety data from the large C021 study. Common adverse events were dizziness, fatigue, and somnolence.


SK life science presents long-term data of XCOPRI® (cenobamate tablets) CV in adults with partial-onset seizures at the American Epilepsy Society 2021 Annual Meeting. SK Life Science. News release. December 3, 2021. Accessed December 3, 2021.

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