Showing Staff Appreciation on Pharmacy Technician Day


Today is National Pharmacy Technician Day, and pharmacists are sharing how valuable technicians are to them.

Today is National Pharmacy Technician Day, and a pharmacists are sharing how valuable technicians are to them.

Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS, founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group on Facebook, said, “Pharmacy technicians play such an important role in pharmacy. They are the backbone to our profession and help to assist pharmacists so that we are able to perform our jobs. Celebrate your technician this year by telling them how grateful you are for them, buy them lunch, or write them a personal note.”

Jennifer Palazzolo, RPh, reminds us that “technicians are the backbone of any pharmacy. I aim to empower them in their roles so I can be free to perform my role as a pharmacist. They are often undervalued in what a critical part of pharmacy they are.”

Maurice Shaw, PharmD, also known as Sassy Pharmacist, jokes, “Who would get me snacks off the floor since I don't get a lunch break or time to leave the pharmacy? My technicians make my life so much easier—I wish I could buy them lunch every day, but I definitely make sure they eat for free on tech day!”

During the busy flu season, technicians may appreciate the recognition even more than usual. How can we celebrate techs on this special day?

Instead of giving a general thanks, Palazzolo hand writes a card for each of her technicians, thanking them for their contributions to the business. She also gives gift cards and treats her staff to bagels for breakfast and lunch from a restaurant of their choice.

Sabrina K Griggs, RPh, also treats her technicians to lunch and gives them gift certificates to the local nail salon.

Ashley Gulyas, PharmD, makes a personalized gift bag for each technician with a personalized tumbler, funny socks, gift card to Starbucks, and a note of appreciation.

Sarah Withers, RPh, is excited to give her techs ink pen “capsules” and buttons to wear on their scrubs.

Rebecca Stieber, BS, PharmD, made personalized reusable cups for her technicians.

Other fun ideas for showing technicians appreciation:

  • Amazon gift cards or gift card to a favorite store or other service, such as a car wash or hair salon
  • Cash in a card—simple and a staff favorite
  • A nice dinner and an opportunity for staff to bond outside the pharmacy
  • Bowling or escape room outing
  • Matching t-shirts for the whole team
  • Coffee for the crew
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets
  • Bottle of a favorite wine, or better yet, gift certificate to the local liquor store

In addition, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board provides posters and graphics that can be printed to hang in the pharmacy.

It does not have to be Pharmacy Technician Day to do something special for your techs. Any day is the perfect time to treat your hardworking techs to something special. And don’t forget, a ‘thank you’ and words of appreciation are always free.

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